Catalonia and the Pyrenees – part 2 the villages

  1. Parked outside the 12th century airbnb near Olot that was home for a couple of nights

The mountains of Catalonia are home to beautiful villages dating back to medieval times.

Villages built across Clifford tops

Castelifollit de la Rocca
Santa Pau

Still with ancient paths and trails through the forest

Bridge on the old trail from the village of Beguda to Olot

Ancient churches

Santa Pau

Villages that have stood millennia

Holding in their stony edifaces the history of Catalonia

The tale goes that James the 1st carried a golden shield when invading Catalonia

He was killed in battle

As he died his fingers dragged down shield leaving four bloodied stripes

The Catalonia flag four red stripes on a gold background.

The red star signifies support Catalonia independence by a socialist
The might breva parked in the old stable at the airbnb at Olot


Thanks Judith and Juan for being wonderful hosts and Juan for sharing the tale of the Catalan flag.

Catalonia and the Pyrenees – part 1

The roads here are made for riding

Coastal roads along the Cote Vermeille and the Costa Breva

Tight turns windswept by the katabatic winds rushing down from the mountains testing the riders skill

It’s about twisty mountain roads in the Pirineos Orientals on the rooftop of Spanish Catalonia

Across the Spanish rooftop from La Molina

In about the winding deep gorges Pyrenees Catalanes

Leafy gorges

Tight rocky gorges

Roads for riding

In Catalonia

Independence for Catalonia

A touch of surreal 

This whole trip is a touch surreal

48 Moto Guzzi motorcycles shipped in containers from Melbourne

Then to Mandello De Lario to celebrate the marques 95th birthday before fanning out over Europe.

So the Salvador Dali museum in Figueres added a further element to surreal adventure.

Dali museum exterior

The breadth and scale of the masters work is astonishing

With a truly surreal understanding of perspective

The installation enormous in scale, imagination and perspective.

Mae West bedroom

The Mae West Bedroom installation for example. Each piece a artistic form

Then when viewed through a lens it is transformed into a new singular piece.

The installation in the breathtaking in both scale and detail.

His work at the museum includes work in many media drawings painting in classical and surrealist styles, the installations, sculpture, still and moving picture.

Then the jewelry

Audacious and exquisite

And as surreal an anything else I was in Catalunya

Why Sete

Tucked down in the south west corner of France

A working port

A living fishing village

A city of grand canals

Sete canal

A city of art

A Africa with car ferries to Morocco

And of course the stepping of from Europe in the Paris to Dakar motorcycle race.

Then the taste of Sete

Sweet muscat wine

Calamari stuffed with minced pork served on a bed of white beans

Fresh mussels, oysters and sea bass