A touch of surreal 

This whole trip is a touch surreal

48 Moto Guzzi motorcycles shipped in containers from Melbourne

Then to Mandello De Lario to celebrate the marques 95th birthday before fanning out over Europe.

So the Salvador Dali museum in Figueres added a further element to surreal adventure.

Dali museum exterior

The breadth and scale of the masters work is astonishing

With a truly surreal understanding of perspective

The installation enormous in scale, imagination and perspective.

Mae West bedroom

The Mae West Bedroom installation for example. Each piece a artistic form

Then when viewed through a lens it is transformed into a new singular piece.

The installation in the central.gallery breathtaking in both scale and detail.

His work at the museum includes work in many media drawings painting in classical and surrealist styles, the installations, sculpture, still and moving picture.

Then the jewelry

Audacious and exquisite

And as surreal an anything else I was in Catalunya

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  1. Wow! We went to the Dali museum but didn’t go in unfortunately as we were on a day drive which ended up in Cadaques (or something similar) – a drive that would have been fantastic on a bike – a very windy road. It’s the Grand Final day holiday today. Hope you can find somewhere to watch it tomorrow!

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