Heading to Spain and Morocco

It’s a calm crossing from Portsmouth around Brittany and across the Bay of Biscay to Santander in Spain.

Phase 2 of the long haul of flying from Melbourne to London (phase 1) to collect my Moto Guzzi Breva 1100 and ride to Morocco.

Stopped for a pint at the Ship and Castle next to the ferry terminal before joining the queue to board. There were plenty of bikes doing the crossing but only one Moto Guzzi.

My sister lives in London and it was wonderful to spend some time with her before embarking on this adventure.

Visiting the lovely little Lyric Theatre in Hanger Lane to see a play.

And heading to the south of England to go walking along the Avon River

And in the New Forrest

Next stop Spain!

7 thoughts on “Heading to Spain and Morocco

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    sv-anui.com says:

    Nice to see you had fun in England now for the pièce de resistance!

  2. 100 Country Trek – Hello. Nice to meet you. My journey to cover as much of the world as possible began in Costa Rica in 2003. This is a story in itself, but for now I'll tell the short version . On a hike around Manuel Antonio I started chatting with a fellow hiker from Belgium. He told me he had a trip planned to visit Borneo within a few weeks of his return home. He then went on to say he had been to at least fifty different countries. That was when the travel bug bit me. I haven't stopped going since and the journey has been so incredible . It is here that I will share some of the incredible travel experiences .
    100 Country Trek says:

    Such great place to visit. Have fun 👍

  3. Stay safe, enjoy and keep us updated. We love to live vicariously and your pics really do speak a thousand words. Thanks again from your Ozzie mates.

  4. Looks like you had lovely weather in the UK, Mick! Needless to say it will be beautiful in Spain! Looking forward to the next chapter. Cheers Pauline and Swanny xx

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    Sandra Burns ART says:

    What a fabulous adventure. Looking forward to seeing more!

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    D.Madland says:

    Lovely photos, have fun and thanks for sharing it.

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