Riding the ships of the desert in the biggest sand sea in Morocco – Erg Chegaga

M’hamid el Ghizlane is at the end of the road the leads into the dessert.

It’s a strange way to start a story about going to Morocco at the end of the road into the desert at a town only 40km from the closed Algerian border.

But this is discontinuous narrative and at some stage I will get back to the start of the journey.

But getting to the desert and it’s nomadic herders was a dream for me.

At M’hamid the mighty breva was garaged while the crew at https://www.desertbivouac.com/ took control.

The Erg Chegaga is the biggest sand sea in Morocco and a perfect place get the feel of the desert.

At the one of the small oasis, or…

Or riding a ship of the desert in a sand sea.

Riding the waves of sand up to 300m high.

Waves that change colour with the setting sun.

To time this adventure with a desert full moon was extra special.

And to sit on a Berber carpet in the desert listening to the sounds of Bedouin singing and drumming beside the camp fire under its silver light

This has to be one of my most amazing travel experiences. So thanks to Desert Bivouac

14 thoughts on “Riding the ships of the desert in the biggest sand sea in Morocco – Erg Chegaga

    1. No pretty dry out in the desert for swimming Larry. Save that for when I get to the Atlantic coast.

  1. sv-anui.com – We are passionate about sailing, having fun and enjoying life. Wade is our skipper, Chris is the photographer and writer. We live aboard our catamaran Anui, and share our cruising experiences through our photos, articles and journals.
    sv-anui.com says:

    Love the sea of sand and waves, dunes as far as the eye can see. What an experience! When you get to the SW of the country, beyond the Atlas Mountains, try Ouarzazate too.

  2. Sandra Burns ART – Sandra | Nature Artist/Lover 🙂 Exploring the Healing Power of Nature in Art 🎨 Acrylic Artist ▪️ Photographer ▪️ Empath ☀️ Based in Perth WA - Art for Sale 👉 https://sandraburns.org/what-to-see/
    Sandra Burns ART says:

    Wow! Amazing photos. Thanks for sharing. 💖

    1. Thanks I’m back in Spain now and hopefully with a little better internet I can catch up with the blog

  3. Coral Waight – Melbourne, Australia – I started travelling alone at the age of 60. I and my little hatchback, thermos and Esky in the boot, began the first of four road trips around the island of Tasmania, south of where I live in Melbourne, Australia. I planned to the 'nth' degree, but nothing could prepare me for getting stuck on the side of a mountain in the dark with my petrol tank on empty. Nothing could prepare me for being on my own in a caravan park on the west coast in the middle of a violent storm, or forgetting I get sea-sick and spending a boat cruise around Tasman Island with my head in a bucket. With my 'Tassie' experiences under my belt, I ventured overseas, across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand and, eventually, to the other side of the world - England. They say if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. He must have been rolling on the floor as I discovered that no matter how much research you do, at some stage you have to give up your set ideas and just wait to see what happens.
    Coral Waight says:

    How fabulous!

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