Impressions of Spain 3 – Alhambra


Sitting below the Sierra Nevada and above the fertile plane of Granada

is The Red


The site chosen by the Romans for a fort

Bought to its glory by the Moors as Christian Europe languished in its Dark Ages

Magnificent architecture


Summer House at Alhambra







Bought into flourish by the Nasrid Sultans over 700 years

Then occupied by Ferdinand and Isabella

Driving Islam out or Spain and establishing themselves as the Catholic Kings

In the Palace, Isabella signed the orders for Columbus to sail in search of the Americas

The dawn of the Golden Age


Alhambra Palace

The centre of old Granada

Overlooking the Albacain, the Arab quarter


The Albacain from Alhambra



Plaza Aliatar at night in the Albacain



Ransacked by Napoleon’s troops in 1882

Alhambra still stands magnificent even though losing its former glory.