Reflecting on the Swiss Alps

View from Furker pass looking across the Valley to the Grimsel

The ride down Furker Pass and up the Grimsel has to be one of the most beautiful and exhilarating rides available.

Down Furker

Past the wall of the Rhone Glacier

Looking across at the Rhone Glacier from the Grimsel 

Through the little village of Gletsch

Then up the Grimsel

Winding up to the lake at the top of Grimsel Pass

Grimsel Guest house under repair

If that is not enough

Turn around

Down the Grimsel

Then up the Nufenen Pass

What a day of riding it was.

In a few months I will be back in Europe

On the Mighty Breva II

More mountain passes some old some revisited.

7 thoughts on “Reflecting on the Swiss Alps

  1. Iñigo – 33 year old Information Security Officer living in the UK, but originally from Spain. I began my bike journey over 6 years ago, initially owning a BMW F800s and currently the proud owner of a R1250GSA. A daily commuter, weekend rider, off roader and frequent traveller around Europe, I now desire a more adventurous life.
    Iñigo says:

    Grimsel pass is probably my favourite one! Nice photos!

    1. I have to admit a friend of mine who is a pro photographer did some work on it. But the spot is magic

      1. Well, it is beautiful but I certainly meant because it looks like a fairy-tale place to visit. : ) BTW We are hoping to go to the Dordogne Region this summer or early fall. The comments were closed on your article so I thought I’d respond here. Loved the photos! I haven’t been to France in a few years (last was in Nice) so I am looking forward to it.

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