Goodbye to the Melbourne winter

I’m saying goodbye to the Melbourne winter

Cold old Melbourne winter

Windy cold icy Melbourne winter

Still cold Melbourne winter where the weak sun warms the skin but not the bones.

My home town

In many ways a beauty by the bay

View of Melbourne from Williamstown on a clear winters day

She sparkles at night

Arts centre and cafes in Bourke Street

And by some standards its not as cold as others suffer

You can even ride your motorbike.

But when the icy rain falls from the grey skies

Its time for this adventurer to give his goodbyes.

Welcome me the warm arms of Europa.

Chapter 3 of my European motorcycle adventure is about to begin.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye to the Melbourne winter

  1. RhapsodyBoheme – We are the co-creators of our life and the time is now. More than ever are we needed to support Mother Earth and each other. Together we discover and explore our unique gifts in times of strengths, in times we lean on each other, and in times when we learn from each other. This blog started as an outlet and what I ultimately called my “Warriors Journey.” It was a way to document the ups and downs of my life, sharing my hardships as well as my successes. It showcased the struggles, but more important the ways of how to overcome them. Although we are warriors each and every day, I realized that having to be a warrior, comes from a place of pain. I decided to rename this blog, and “Phoenix Rising” now stands for the story of overcoming such a painful place. My motivation for this blog hasn’t changed and I hope to share inspiration and hope, to create a sense of belonging, a space of being heard, and connecting with like minded beings who instill a sense of oneness. We are never alone, and we are unstoppable in the pursuit of what sets our soul on fire. Who I am in a nutshell... 
I am an energy healer and Reiki Master. I am surviving a chronic disease that I’ve sent into remission three times since my initial bout, 15 years ago. I continuously challenge the status quo and by doing so I change my stars. I am a believer that anything is possible. I am a hopeless romantic and I believe that true love exists on various levels. I am an optimist that will always see the glass as half full. I am a dreamer, believing in endless possibilities. Not even the sky is the limit. I have jumped off of the hamster wheel, and I am writing a new chapter. I am chasing my Nirvana to support my most authentic self. This is my story, I am that Phoenix and I am rising from the ashes. Namaste 🙏🏼💙🦋
    RhapsodyBoheme says:

    So exciting and safe travels my friend. Your city looks stunning at night.

  2. I love that photo on Bourke Street. The leaves on the street are just perfect. Thought of you the other day, was looking on Craiglist and Boat Trader at boats, just to look. Like window shopping online. hehe Knowing full well we are not ready in any way (financially, knowledge, work, still have animals to care for). But one can dream.
    Here is to long, warm days and nights for you – at least until cold old Melbourne Winter rears his grouchy head again.

  3. Alwaysmissbindas – I am Rimika and I love to live in the moment | One day at a time. A firm believer of One life and a thousand dreams. I cannot let one thing define me. Hence, I am a Software Engineer, Content Creator, storyteller, Doglover (Hardcore), Traveler, Painter, Dancer, Freelancer, Product Reviewer, and Fashion Blogger. Don't try to control the mess, instead create HappyMess. Be rest assured, I am here to Inspire and not Influence.
    MissteriosoDas says:

    She definitely sparkles at night. Loved the pictures and post 🙂

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