Cornwall: coast culture and the celts


A Celtic nation

Adding to Scotland last year

Gallicia, Brittany, Ireland and Wales to come this.

Cornwall is a long finger of coast and culture

The coast is breathtaking

From the beaches and headlands

To the small fishing and trading harbours

St Ives

Saint Michael’s Mount

The culture

The sculpture of Barbara Hepworth

Rowena Cade’s Minach theatre

The historical grandure of Saint Michael’s Mount

Saint Michael’s Mount castle

The history of the Celts

And of course Lands End

8 thoughts on “Cornwall: coast culture and the celts

  1. Wow. Just effing WOW. I dream of traveling again. Instead of working hard to pay California taxes. Cornwall: new bucket list entry.

  2. – We are passionate about sailing, having fun and enjoying life. Wade is our skipper, Chris is the photographer and writer. We live aboard our catamaran Anui, and share our cruising experiences through our photos, articles and journals.
    svtakeiteasy says:

    I can’t get over how the Cornish Mt St Michael and the Fr nah Mt St Michel look alike.

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    Kym Gordon Moore says:

    Amazing photos! 🙂

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