Moonrise Sunset

There is a little place I go

A peaceful place that juts all so slightly, out into the bay

At the right time of the year

On the the night of a full moon

On a still cloudless night

When the water of the bay is smooth like the surface of a mirror

I can watch the moonrise

I can watch the sunset


Look to the east and the moon makes its ascent

At first pale in the twilight

She creeps higher and higher slowly asserting her power over the night sky

Its her night

Once a month she fills the sky

As she rises its as if she is pushing the big red globe of the sun below the horizon

The sun as if in anger fills the sky with orange red

As if unwilling to leave the sky stage for the moons solo performance

Casting a pinkish reflected glow in the moons direction

But the suns end is inevitable

Soon the moon dominates the sky

less pale, more bright

casting her silver beam across the water.

The vapour pale of a jet

A rare sight in the Melbourne lockdown

Like a knife slash across the sunset sky.

Its a warm evening

Early spring

The first full moon of the spring equinox here in the southern hemisphere

I cycle around the peninsula

To catch the moon as she reaches her full glory

Spirit of Tasmania leaving port under a full moon

And there she is filling the sky with her soft silver light

Her glow sparkling on the water.

6 thoughts on “Moonrise Sunset

  1. eastgoeseast – Berlin, Germany – I moved east to Berlin, Germany from the east coast of the US quite a long time ago. I started riding motorcycles not long after. The intention of this blog is to express some thoughts about motorcycles (and other two-wheeled modes of transportation) and things connected to them.
    eastgoeseast says:

    Beautiful photos and a great story. Must be quite a place!

  2. D.Madland – Oakland, CA – I love to ride my motorcycle, but I love it even more when I'm riding towards a new place to explore. Camping, backpacking and motorcycles are a perfect threesome in my eyes. Hot coffee, sunrises, ghost towns, trail heads, red rocks, desert oddities, UFOs, and Big Foot are all topics you might hear about in my journeys. My hope is to inspire women motorcyclists to get out there and as Nike so aptly put it: "Just Do It".
    D.Madland says:

    So beautiful!

    1. Hi Pauline, took these pics Thurs evening not many people around this part of Willi. Hope you and Swanny are both well and look fwd to catching up in a few weeks with any luck

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