Central Australia Adventure 8 the end of the Oodnadatta Track and into the NT

The northern section of the Oodnadatta Track are in the traditional lands of the Arabana people.

It also contains some relics of the Old Ghan line.

Such as the Algebuchiner Bridge and the old station area at Oodnadatta

An attempt to ride north to Dalhousie Springs ended in a bog and inglorious retreat

So it was another night at Oodnadatta the as the desert dawn sun lit the road in front in front of me it was time to complete the final 200kn of the Oodnadatta track

And onto the Northern Territory

And head to a very lush and green red centre.

9 thoughts on “Central Australia Adventure 8 the end of the Oodnadatta Track and into the NT

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    naughty nora says:

    Last day in the desert? Great pictures, my friend😊

      1. I should add the Red centre of Australia is usually desert like but because of a wet summer its lush and green.

  2. Can the Algebuchiner Bridge be crossed or is it turning to ruin?
    Where I live the rail line was closed with no real plans to reopen it even as a great hiking trail – bridges are technically off-limits due to ‘dangerous’. Not that many listen! I remember some of the epic views when on the single car train. The danger is how high they are.

    1. Yes the old ghan rail closed many years back. There is a new rail line on a different route now

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    sv-anui.com says:

    We were wondering whether you’d get caught in the rain – looks like you made it through just in time!

    1. Made it to Alice Springs before the rain. I pelted down filling all the rivers and waterholes. Just perfect!

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