The road north into Queensland

It was a well worn path along the Lions Road over the Border Ranges back into Queensland.

Back into the Sunshine State on the first day of winter in Australia

It’s amazing that no matter how often a route is travelled there is something new to find.

The first find was Goomeri on the western side of the Great Divide.

The pear danish would rival any patisserie in the world and the Goomeri emporium and saddlery a blast from the past.

But my aim was the sea again.

To 1770, named after the year of Cooks landing, was where I came back to the Pacific.

Back at the long sandy beaches and the fisherman casting into the sea after Australian Salmon

Sunrise heralded the dawn of a glorious day.

Perfect for some sight seeing on the estuary

Or a walk in the coastal forest

And good weather even for a swim.

Ah nice to be in warm water.

And heading north in winter

9 thoughts on “The road north into Queensland

  1. Coral Waight – Melbourne, Australia – I started travelling alone at the age of 60. I and my little hatchback, thermos and Esky in the boot, began the first of four road trips around the island of Tasmania, south of where I live in Melbourne, Australia. I planned to the 'nth' degree, but nothing could prepare me for getting stuck on the side of a mountain in the dark with my petrol tank on empty. Nothing could prepare me for being on my own in a caravan park on the west coast in the middle of a violent storm, or forgetting I get sea-sick and spending a boat cruise around Tasman Island with my head in a bucket. With my 'Tassie' experiences under my belt, I ventured overseas, across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand and, eventually, to the other side of the world - England. They say if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. He must have been rolling on the floor as I discovered that no matter how much research you do, at some stage you have to give up your set ideas and just wait to see what happens.
    Coral Waight says:

    Beautiful Queensland. What else can you say?

  2. So jealous Mic! Of the warmth and the freedom! Hopefully we’ll be up that way around August. In the meantime we’ll organise a catchup with Mary stuck at home (or maybe she’s off travelling as well). Cheers Pauline and Swanny xx

    1. You can’t do it all. Always a good reason to do another ride up north again!!!. I went up to Cooktown in 2015 so this is filling in some of the places I missed that trip.

  3. You lucky bastard!! Still cold here in Melbourne and itching to go for a ride once we are set free. Went riding with Leon a few weeks ago (before lockdown) via Heathcote. Less than 8 weeks before I head off for the Black Dog ride (touch wood). Also, will have had my 2nd shot by then so they should let me through to NSW, Qld., and NT. Haven’t decided which way I will come back from Alice though. Qld seems like it could be an option rather than straight down into cold old SA and Vic. Anyway, stay safe….enjoy!!

      1. I leave Alice on Monday 16th August and can either go straight down to SA or back across to Qld (although much longer). I’ll see how I’m feeling once in Alice!

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