A day in Cinque Terra (Five Villages)


The early autumn weather on the Italian Mediterranean has some of the intense heat taken out of it. Perfect for a day for exploring the Cinque Terra.

The easiest way to explore the five villages of the Cinque Terra is by train and foot.

There had been a storm in the Mediterranean overnight with gave a cool breeze.

And some uncommonly wild waves for the Mediterranean. Both at Vernaza and Riomaggiora

There is a series of walking paths the connect the five coastal villages of the Cinque Terra.

I chose to take the coastal walk from Vernazza to Corniglia and enjoy the coastal views

And the views were worth it.

I visited three villages.



And Riomaggiora which I think was the most beautiful

This was really the last part of this adventure as now a tired piecemeal adventurer and a tired mighty Breva wind our way back to England.

An overnight in Boccadasse a little piece of the old Mediterranean in Genoa.

Before catching the ferry to Barcelona

And the sun sets as the ferry says goodbye to Italy for this trip.

7 thoughts on “A day in Cinque Terra (Five Villages)

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    naughty nora says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! XOXO

  2. sv-anui.com – We are passionate about sailing, having fun and enjoying life. Wade is our skipper, Chris is the photographer and writer. We live aboard our catamaran Anui, and share our cruising experiences through our photos, articles and journals.
    sv-anui.com says:

    Stunning villages and colours. It would be really special to meander through these. Very picturesque.

  3. One of our favourite places in Italy! We caught the ferry and train in between the villages as there were recent collapses of the walking trail. Seeing waves on the water is interesting and another beautiful sunset! Enjoy the trip back to the UK/home. Cheers Pauline

    1. Thanks yes its a bit of focussing on stating safe for this last bit. The section of the cliff face walks I think the one I did was the only one open. Just pulling into Barcelona on the ferry.

  4. eastgoeseast – Berlin, Germany – I moved east to Berlin, Germany from the east coast of the US quite a long time ago. I started riding motorcycles not long after. The intention of this blog is to express some thoughts about motorcycles (and other two-wheeled modes of transportation) and things connected to them.
    eastgoeseast says:

    Great photos! I spent a week there years ago, and really liked the area. Would be very nice on a bike! Safe trip home!!

    1. Thanks, already into the midi Pyrenees so not far now. A week there would be great. I felt lucky having a day there.

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