Looking back at 2022 and the beautiful places visited

New Years Day 2023 is a good time to reflect on some of the beautiful places I has the opportunity to visit.

Beautiful places in Australia, Europe and the UK and in Morocco.

It’s hard to believe that Australia still had its borders closed this time last year.

So January 2022 started with friends in Queensland as part of a road trip 1,900 km north from Melbourne. A PCR test had been needed to get into Queensland to celebrate the New Year

The travel highlight of February was the Snowy Mountains National Park in New South Wales. The Alps of Australia for some camping and trail riding.

Toward the end of February, Australia’s international borders re-opened and the possibility of international travel became real again. April

March offered an opportunity to explore the Snowy River National Park, the famous McKillops Bridge that spans a small gorge cut by the Snowy River as it makes its way to the sea at Marlo.

In April I headed up to the beautiful beaches of Northern New South Wales to catch up with some friends and catch some late Australian Summer before flying to England.

I had been touring my BMW adventure bike most of summer, so it was a good chance to riding the Mighty Moto Guzzi Breva before collecting its English Sister!

I’d swapped Australian late summer for England’s April showers. But in April I had May on my mind. May was for Morocco a dream trip that became the victim of the pandemic in 2020.

So May was just Morocco. Could have been many months what a trip.

It was back to the Iberian Peninsula in June. Spain and Portugal.

July I was back in the UK for the summer heat wave and a bit of culture.

August it was back to the Continent landing in Brittany to commence my trek to Mandelo del Lario for the Moto Guzzi 100th anniversary celebration. So August was France.

September 1, I crossed into Italy.

October was back to England and flying back to Australia.

Back home in October and November there was a chance to revisit some of my favourite places and with lots of rain a chance to chase waterfalls.

December is a blog in print.

And now it’s 2023!

Happy New Year peace and good will to all.

17 thoughts on “Looking back at 2022 and the beautiful places visited

  1. walterthinnes – Early career playwright trapped in a later life body. I enjoy motorcycling, performing magic, cooking and theater going (all things this blog encompasses). As day jobs I worked for several performing arts and fine arts organizations. I am a loyal Cincinnati Reds fan but very much enjoy living in New York City.
    walterthinnes says:

    What a wonderful year of travel. Best wishes for more in 2023.

  2. Well done you really are well travelled. I’m just looking at WA for my longest trip this year. Love your pics. Happy NY and safe travels.

    1. Thanks and happy new year to you. Have a great trip to WA. If you would live some tips on good stops let me know.

  3. What a fantastic recap of your 2022 travels, Mic! What bands did you see in the UK; I can’t recall seeing those photos before. Cheers Pauline

    1. Hi Pauline, some of the photos haven’t appeared before. I went to the Ealing Jazz festival. The James Taylor Trio are a popular jazz/soul band that play clubs and festivals. Went to see ‘Get up Stand Up’ the Bob Marley Story. A fantastic musical. And did an Opera. Good mix of music!

  4. What a wonderful year of travelling ☺️

  5. Coral Waight – Melbourne, Australia – I started travelling alone at the age of 60. I and my little hatchback, thermos and Esky in the boot, began the first of four road trips around the island of Tasmania, south of where I live in Melbourne, Australia. I planned to the 'nth' degree, but nothing could prepare me for getting stuck on the side of a mountain in the dark with my petrol tank on empty. Nothing could prepare me for being on my own in a caravan park on the west coast in the middle of a violent storm, or forgetting I get sea-sick and spending a boat cruise around Tasman Island with my head in a bucket. With my 'Tassie' experiences under my belt, I ventured overseas, across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand and, eventually, to the other side of the world - England. They say if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. He must have been rolling on the floor as I discovered that no matter how much research you do, at some stage you have to give up your set ideas and just wait to see what happens.
    Coral Waight says:

    Gosh! Amazing!

  6. cellyhikes – I am a Caribbean woman who enjoys my island lifestyle. I particularly enjoy hiking throughout Trinidad and Tobago and exploring some of the hidden gems that can only be found when you park your car and hit the trail.
    cellyhikes says:

    This is awesome, what an amazing year 😊🙏

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