The King and Ovens Valleys in North East Victoria.

The King and Ovens rivers in Victoria’s north east are central to a major gourmet region of Austraia. An area of fine wines, cheeses, other high quality produce.

The rivers with their head waters in the Australian Alps wind their way through fertile land as tributaries to the Murray River, Australia’s longest river.

It is Autumn here so the grape vines and deciduous trees add colour to the landscape.

While the night temperatures are getting cold the autumn days are still sunny and warm. This region is about 3 hours north of Melbourne with beautiful riding through the hills to get to the little cottage where I was staying.

Mount Buffalo sits at the head of the Ovens Valley and is a beautiful place for a ride and a hike. From the peak there is a spectacular view across to the Australian Alps.

The cold nights have put little snow caps on Mounts Bogong, Hotham and Feathertop.

It was beautiful hiking under a cloudless sky with beautiful views along the way.

The area has some great pubs perfect for a cold beer after a hike.

The cottage had a perfect view of the sun rising over the hills and the morning mist caught in the valley.

In the bush the old trees attract beautifully coloured birds such as the Crimson Rosella.

And the clear skies gave a perfect view of the milky way.

A perfect place to watch the stars turn.

13 thoughts on “The King and Ovens Valleys in North East Victoria.

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    nora girl says:

    Wow! So beautiful. Looks like fall there 🙂

    1. Yes Fall in this part of the world. The days are shorter and colder. Haven’t been.home at this time of the year for a long time.

    1. I think the sky is clearer here due to less air traffic. I remember I was in the UK at the start of the pandemic and all of a sudden the sky was the same blue as Australia, not a milky blue. There were no planes. I’ll be over again in July so looking at your walks with more interest!

  2. – We are passionate about sailing, having fun and enjoying life. Wade is our skipper, Chris is the photographer and writer. We live aboard our catamaran Anui, and share our cruising experiences through our photos, articles and journals. says:

    Beautiful region. We used to spend lots of time there during our paragliding days. Full marks for the Milky Way and star trails shots!

    1. Yes it is definitely a beautiful part of the world. And thanks for your Milky Way tips. Specially the post production settings.

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