As winter descends in Melbourne its time for a European Adventure

Thinking about Eastern Europe

Its going to be a long haul

London to Danube Delta

Where the mighty Danube River empties into the Black Sea

A route across many high mountain passes

Some new, some revisited in France, Switzerland and Italy

Others ranges new to me – The Dolomites in Italy, The Carpathians in Romania and many more to find

Inspired by a fellow blogger from Bosnia

To ride the roads of Eatern Europe – The Transfagarsan Highway in Romania and mountain backroads.

Re acquainting with friends that I have made in previous adventures

New friends to find and explore with

The heart beat hastens in the final weeks before I leave

To take the Mighty Moto Guzzi Breva on its next European Adventure

The Mighty Breva in Ireland in 2018

13 thoughts on “As winter descends in Melbourne its time for a European Adventure

  1. Jesper Dybdahl – Riding motorcycles around Europe, filming, photographing, blogging and vlogging. My passion is riding and seeing new places, sharing the awesome sights and seeings with the world.
    Jesper Dybdahl says:

    When are you going?

    1. Also thanks for having the GPX files of great rides on your site. They are loaded on my gps

  2. Jude – D6, 24580 Rouffignac-Saint-Cernin-de-Reilhac, France – Hello Visitors I'm Jude, and I have a profusion of interests and a passion for motorcycling. I lean towards Buddhism and love silence. I hope you may enjoy some of my musings and meanderings, and if so I'd love to hear your comments.
    Jude says:

    St Leon is waiting if by chance you breeze through!

    1. Definately Jude, I will arrive in France late June. Look fwd to catching up with you and Bob

  3. Sounds fantastic! I’ll be in Switzerland myself late July.
    Look forward to reading about your next adventure

    1. I’ll be in and around Switzerland for a about a couple of weeks from 12 July so keep your eye out for a red Guzzi while you are there

      1. OK I’ll keep my eye out. I recommend the goulash soup at the resturaunt at the top of the Nufenen pass!

      2. We’ll be riding with a Swiss couple we met in the US last year – so I’m sure they know all the spots but I’ll keep that in mind.

  4. Out and about over distant lands and vales again….safe ride Mick….will keep my eyes on the blog to follow your journey. Will be in Coventry end August incase you come by UK around that time!
    Safe rides and have fun!

    1. Hi Usman, August I plan to be over on the Black Sea and probably wont be back in the UK till early October. You have a good trip as well

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