A few days in Darwin before heading west

Darwin is the Capital of the Nortern Territory and was nice to be back beside the sea.

It was Darwin Festival time and an opportunity for the piecemeal adventurer to turn into the piecemeal culture vulture.

And even catch a performance of the Opera Carmen at the Darwin Entertainment Centre. Thanks to a friend.

Followed by dinner with sunset over Darwin Harbour.

Of course a priority was having the Steinbock serviced for the next leg of the journey of around 6,000km across to the west coast and south to Perth.

All serviced and nice new shoes for the trip into Western Australia.

2 thoughts on “A few days in Darwin before heading west

  1. This makes us so envious Mic! We were going to head to Darwin next week after we had to cancel our QLD trip but now we’ll be staying at home. I’m going to spend the week walking around the house in my bathers and sunnies, steal some sand from the closed playground across the road and drink cocktails! Safe travels xx

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