Wildlife interaction on Australia’s North West Coast -1 Coral Bay

My last day in Coral Bay was spent in and on the Indian Ocean and the Ningaloo Reef.

This was close interaction in the marine environment.





Reef sharks sleeping in coral caves; and

Myriads of little reef fish.

The coral with its colours and shapes is just beautiful.

But the big interaction with whales.

Interaction with whales is carefully prescribed to protect the whale and the humans.

We were lucky enough to get to swim with these beautiful creatures.

The skill of the skipper was excellent. We motored along side the whales as they swam. Then we told to get ready as the boat sped forward.

Suddenly the boat slowed and we slipped off the back of the boat as this gentle giant of the sea swam past below us.

We also swam with Manta Rays.

Sorry friends no photos of these encounters as the piecemeal adventurer turned part time frogman was too busy manoeuvring himself and remembering to breath while in a state of high excitement to work a camera.

So sorry you will just have to go to Ningaloo Reef and do it.

8 thoughts on “Wildlife interaction on Australia’s North West Coast -1 Coral Bay

  1. nora girl – Hello, my friends, and welcome to my blog! In this space you will learn a whole lot about me (some might even say "TMI"!), my experiences with domestic discipline and submission, and read the occasional spanking story. I invite you to share in my journey. Like any journey, there have been ups and downs, but I am always looking forward to the next chapter. XOXO, nora
    naughty nora says:

    Great pictures, Adventurer! Looks like so much fun!!! XOXO

  2. We are so jealous! We’ve swam with whale sharks up there but didn’t realise you could swim with whales! Safe travels back to Perth. Hopefully we’ll get to Zoom next Sunday xx

    1. Yes its just beautiful Peter..yes the new bike looks good. A liquid cooled engine which is really new. Yes go Dogs for next weekend. I’ll be in Perth for the game!! No ticket though.

  3. Amazing photos! I can understand why people want to get closer to the ocean life. I grew up on the northwest coast of Canada, too cold for diving – also very expensive (probably still is). So, although I swam like a fish I never swam with them.

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