Kalbarri coastal cliffs and beaches

The coastal cliffs of Kabarri are steep and dramatic

With some spectacular rock formations and secluded beaches.

A rugged terrain where a wild goat can safely find a cave to hide away in.

Given I have adopted for my BMW motorbike the German name for goat, Steinbock, it was appropriate I spotted this old Billy Goat resting in his cave.

Closer to the river mouth the cliffs drop away but the sandstone rock ledgers provide a barrier against the surf.

Making calm rockholes for swimming. Suitable for fish and human.

I see fish and fish see me!

The river estuary is a perfect spot to catch the pelicans on the wing at dusk.

The setting sun

And the equinoctial full moon rising on my last night in Kalbarri.

7 thoughts on “Kalbarri coastal cliffs and beaches

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    sv-anui.com says:

    Another spectacular scenery. That billy goat has such long hair and really blends into the rock. What a find!

  2. nora girl – I am a girl on a journey of self-growth and awakening. I share this journey with my readers. I write about my self-growth through submission, my love for all things D/s and spanking, and occasionally share some very naughty fiction. XOXO
    naughty nora says:

    Great set! Loved the pic of the goat in his cave 🙂

  3. Thank you for the past several blogs – I saw them in my email, just to busy with my own travels, and bs k to work, to find the time to enjoy your marvellous photos – love the goat – and snippets of information. Australia is one place I would love to visit, just not sure it will happen in this lifetime.

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